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United Academy League Rules and Guidelines

FIFA Laws will be applied to all age groups except as identified below:
U7 (2012) 4v4 $525 30x20 8 3 3 N 20 MIN HALVES
U8 (2011) 4v4 $525 30x20 8 3 3 N 20 MIN HALVES
U9 (2010) 7v7 $750 60x40 14 5 4 Y 25 MIN HALVES
U10 (2009) 7v7 $750 60x40 14 5 4 Y 25 MIN HALVES

 4v4 does not have keeper
ALL age groups have open substitutions at the referees discretion.

Game Day Paperwork:

Each team will need to hand the referee a game report for each game!  The game report needs to list each player’s name and jersey number taking the field for that match.

  • Any coach or team manager to be seated on the players’ side of the field must be listed in the game report.  No more than three (3) adults are allowed on the player sideline.
  • Referees will return all game reports with game scores to the teams, unless a card has been issued.  It is the teams’ responsibility to check the scores BEFORE leaving the pitch. 

General Information:

  • Players must be an age pure U7 before any play up may occur, NO U6 players allowed in UAL.  
     A U7 may play up to U8, U8 may play up to U9 and U9 may play up to U10.  A player can play up  2 age groups.
  • Teams cannot have players play down in any games in any age groups. 
  • 8 game seasons.  
  • Games will be played on Sundays on Carrollton Farmers Branch fields.
  • Standings are kept for all age groups, but no awards.
  • In the event of a uniform conflict the HOME team must change jerseys or wear cover-ups.
  • There is no punting allowed for the 4v4 or 7v7 playing format.
  • U7 and U8 divisions playing 4v4 will NOT have off-sides.  Only playing formats of 7v7 will have off-sides.
  • All substitutions are at the sole discretion of the referee, who may permit a team to substitute at any stoppage of play.


Scheduling Information:

  • All teams will be scheduled eight (8) games (games could play Saturday - Sunday)
  • All game information is found on Gotsoccer via UAL website.
  • Scheduler will work around competitive schedules for all NTSSA competitive leagues.
  • A coach is only allowed schedule request for no more than three (3) teams playing within UAL.  If a coach has four teams registered, there will need to be coaching assistance with the fourth team.
  • Once the schedule is final, the league will NOT reschedule any games without two week notice.

 Soccer Academies

1. A “Soccer Academy” is a group of Under 7 through Under 10 registered NTSSA recreational players who desire to participate with other players without following the recreational team formation rules. Players must register with their home association and may or may not be on a recreational team, unless required to be on a recreational team by their home association. Academies are to be governed by NTSSA Youth Associations, and NTSSA Youth Associations may host as many Soccer Academies as they deem desirable. Academy teams are governed by the league in which they participate. (If more than one association is involved in an academy league an A&D committee should be in place.)

 2. Coaches, trainers, administrators, etc., of Soccer Academies must have satisfactorily passed the criminal background check and information sent to NTSSA.

 3. Soccer Academy play is in addition to recreational play.  Players may join any Soccer Academy of their choosing within their age group, and are not required to obtain a release from their NTSSA recreational team to participate on an Academy Team.  Players must present a form of proof of registration signed by their home association registrar each time they participate with an Academy.  Players may join as many Soccer Academies as they like as long as the Soccer Academy is recognized by a North Texas Soccer Member Youth Association.  No formal contract or written commitment may be signed by or on behalf of the player to commit a player to an Academy team.  The Academies may charge a fee to cover expenses in addition to the player’s recreational soccer registration fees.  Academy players may participate in only one Academy tournament at a time.  Violations of this rule shall results in sanctions against the offending party (coach, assistant coach, manager, parent, or other team representative), which could include suspension from all soccer activities for a period of time. (Updated Jan 2013)

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